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In July of 2017 I launched the Field Radio Podcast and YouTube Channel. Over the past 15 months I have been evolving what type of content to produce and in what medium. All the while finding balance between professional life, family life, and hobby life. I have found what works best for me is to produce some form of content weekly. That may be a video, podcast, or blog post. The podcast will not run on a bi-weekly schedule as in the past but me intermingled with other content releases.

As always I am in search for those who wish to share some part of the hobby as being a guest on the podcast. Please contact me at: fieldradiopodcast@gmail.com

The Field Radio Podcast!

The Field Radio Podcast is dedicated to exploring the amateur radio hobby through the lens of getting you and your gear outdoors. Your host, John W7DBO, will explore what gear works best, how to deploy in the field, and most importantly how to have fun! The podcast will also explore what you can do with your gear once deployed; Including emergency communications, contesting, event support, and of course Field Day.

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